Your Mochila

A history of economic and environmental exploitation stands in stark contrast with the cultural and spiritual riches of the Wayuu—a tribe from the remote northern tip of Colombia.

Like the Wayuu Tribe, their mochila bags are under threat. Today, machine-made bags and other low-quality versions have flooded the market, across Colombia and now in Europe and the US. To an unknowing eye, they look similarly bright and beautiful. But the Wayuu women learn the perfection of a hand-woven bag from their elders. From the colorful pattern to the intricate strap, no two bags should be alike. Traditionally and today, the Wayuu of all ages and genders carry their loads in their bags, across long journeys. And you will be able to as well—if your bag gets dirty on your journey, it’s 100% cotton and machine-washable.

Our vision is one of dignity. Of value for what is made and what is precious. Of an enduring, just relationship between makers and the world. Justa—join us.